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Московский Государственный Университет им. М.В.Ломоносова
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ведущий научный сотрудник

Vassiliev V.P., Legendre B., Zlomanov V.P. The critical analysis and mutial coherence of thermodnamic data of AIIIBV phases Intermetallic 19 (2011) 1891-1901

Vassiliev V.P., Gong W.P. Electrochemical cells with liquide electrolte in the study of semiconductor, metallic and oxide sstems. In Yan Chao (Ed) Electrocemical cells. New Advances in Fondamental Reserches and Applications, InTech, 2012 pp.71-102

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Vassiliev V.P., Minaev V.S., Batunja L.P. Thermodynamic properties phase diagrams and glass-forming of thallium chalcogenides. Chalogenides Letters 10(2013) 485-507

Область экспертизы: 

1989 to 2002 Dr. V. Vassiliev worked in different University in France and Italia with Prof. J. P. Bros at Provence University (Marseilles, France), Prof. R. Ferro Genoese University (Italy), Prof. J. Hertz (laboratory of the metallurgical thermodynamic) from Nancy University (France), Prof. B. Legendre at University Paris XI, Prof. J.-L. Jorda in Savoy University (Annecy, France).

He worked also as a advisor at the plant metallurgical (La Ferté-Bernard).

The potential measurements of the systems Zn-Pb-In , Zn-Pb-Sn ,Zn-Pb-Cu, Zn-Pb-In-Sn and Zn-Pb-In-Sn-Cu permitted to determine the limits of miscibility gap and the thermodynamics values of these systems. This work was carried out at administration’s suggestion of Europe Metal Corporation. These results are very important in metallurgical industry for the affinage of zinc.

2007 He defended the Doctor thesis on Physical Chemistry on the topic: “Thermodynamic Properties and Phases Equilibriums some Semi-Conductors Systems and those Metallic”

2011 and 2012 Dr. V. Vassiliev worked as a Associated Professor at the Huizhou University, China.

Dr. V. Vassiliev elaborated the isothermal vacuum cell, which makes work with volatile metals (e.g. with mercury, cadmium, zinc).

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